Strategic Thinker Delivering Results

Transforming Business in the Digital Age

My Life's Purpose

Live a life of love, laughter, courage, conviction,

service, awareness and integrity.
Above all, love and care for my family;

nourish my mind, body and spirit daily;

share my passion for life to bring smiles to people’s faces;
and finally, make the most of my God-given talents to lead others to great achievements and leave the world a better place.

Perry Rotella is an accomplished business leader whose greatest strength lies in his ability to think like a strategist but manage execution like an operations manager. Mr. Rotella has extensive experience in creating business vision, gaining buy in, developing an actionable strategic plan and delivering results – those founded in transformational change. Creative, strategic, determined, passionate, loyal, relationship-focused and credible best describe his leadership style. Mr. Rotella is a seasoned executive with a track record of transforming organizations.

After putting himself through college, Mr. Rotella officially began his career at American Management Systems (AMS, Inc.), a management consulting firm, helping clients across different industries achieve higher levels of performance. He became known as a go-to technologist and project manager who could deliver value on ever-changing platforms. Mr. Rotella adopted a delivery mindset as he was able to get things done by influence rather than direct authority. Mr. Rotella learned that organizational boundaries and formal titles matter less than a relentless focus on execution.

As an acknowledgment his leadership potential, AMS’s Chief Technology Officer sponsored Mr. Rotella in the Society of Information Management’s (SIM) Regional Learning Forum (RLF). SIM is a national professional network that connects senior-level IT leaders with peers in their communities. RLF is a yearlong self-awareness and leadership journey. A truly life changing experience, Mr. Rotella took his leadership to the next level by learning about his strengths in creative thinking, determination and strategic planning.

Mr. Rotella found his next challenge at AIG leading its adoption of emerging technologies. Within a year, Mr. Rotella was promoted to Chief Technology Officer of the corporation. In this role, he led a team that was challenged by the CEO with developing a strategy to enable AIG’s long term growth. Mr. Rotella recommended creation of an “Office of the Customer”, treating the customer as a corporate asset and centralizing key aspects of customer value management including up-sell, cross-sell, retention, and customized customer service. This strategy led to more than $1 billion in top line growth during its first year of existence.

After serving as CIO for AIG’s largest business unit, Mr. Rotella moved to Moody’s Corporation then to Verisk Analytics to lead their technology transformations. At Verisk, Mr. Rotella was charged with growing a new business segment helping companies manage their supply chain risk. In this role, Mr. Rotella was successful in defining a business vision, leading the acquisition of Maplecroft, a global risk analysis company, and turning around Verisk’s environmental health and safety business by improving its growth rate and profitability.

Mr. Rotella graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA degree in Mathematics, a subject that taught him how to think. He learned that no problem is impossible or intimidating as he completed proof after proof as part of his studies. Mr. Rotella embraced lifelong learning inspired by his RLF experience achieving executive certificates at the Thunderbird Global School of Management and MIT’s Sloan School of Business. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Rotella is an accomplished fisherman, hiker, and lover of fitness. Mr. Rotella spends much of his non-working time either on the ice at Chelsea Piers or experimenting in the kitchen.