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Strategic Thinker Delivering Results

Weinzimer. Phil (2015). The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise.
Boca Raton, FL: Taylor and Francis Group, LLC
Chapter 18 – How Five CIOs From Different Industries Leverage Technology Strategically To Innovate Value
Featured on pages 414 – 421

Rotella, Perry (2012 – 2013). Forbes – IT Transforming Business.
Contributed blog on role of technology in modern business

Rotella, Perry (2011). Inside the Minds: Technology Leadership Series.
A Team Approach to Innovation, Technology and Success, pages 17-24
New York, NY: Thompson Reuters/Aspatore

MIS Quarterly Executive
APC Forum: Agility Transformation at Verisk Analytics (pages 175-176)
By Madeline Weiss and Heather Smith / September 2014

CIO Insight
What a Difference Agile Development Makes
By Madeline Weiss / June 16, 2014

​Supply and Demand Chain Executive
Through the Supply Chain Efficiency Looking Glass
By Perry Rotella / May 2014

Risk and Insurance
Bringing it Home: Bringing factories back to the U.S. doesn't necessarily reduce supply chain risks.
By Anne Freedman / April 7, 2014

Supply Chain Brain
Using Data to Mitigate Risk and Build Supply Chain Resiliency
By SupplyChainBrain / January 24, 2014

Inbound Logistics
Risk Mitigation: Supply Chain Safety Net
By Joseph O'Reilly / January 14, 2014

Supply Chain Brain
Using Data to Mitigate Risk and Build Supply Chain Resiliency
Video interview with Perry Rotella / December 30, 2013

Supply Chain Risk Insights
High-Tech Centers Excel. Are your suppliers spreading your risks or concentrating them? How do you know?
By Catherine Bolgar / November 4, 2013

Database Trends and Applications
Leveraging Big Data for Predictive Analytics
By Perry Rotella and Nigel DeFreitas / Oct 16, 2012

Hunter Muller (2011). The Transformational CIO: Leadership and Innovation Strategies for IT Executives in a Rapidly Changing World
New York, NY, Wiley
Featured on pages 114 – 116 

Baseline Magazine

Baseline 500: A Matter Of Survival At Moody`s

By Kevin Fogarty / April, 2008

CIO Update

Bringing Decentralized IT Together at AIG

By Esther Shein / August, 2003 

Interviewee, World Vision: Implementing IT in Emerging Markets, Resource Magazine, 2002

Presenter, CIO Forum Financial Services, The Next Evolution Of Web Services, Annual Conference, 2002

Presenter, AMS Knowledge Centers, Production-Aware Systems Design, Annual Associates Conference, 1998

Presenter, Object World, Managing for Success, Object World East, 1997

Presenter, National Center for Database Marketing, Retooling Legacy Systems for DB Marketing, NCDM Conference, 1997

Presenter, Association for Computing Machinery, an Industrial Strength System Developed using Objects, OOPSLA, 1995

Presenter, Managing an Object-Oriented Project using an Iterative Approach, OOPSLA, 1994

Author, Managing an Object-Oriented Project Using an Iterative Approach. OOPS Messenger 5(4): 31-36 (1994)